Basic Brush for Beginners

Want to learn how to letter?  Not sure where to get started?  Or, have you started lettering, but can't figure out how to make your pen work look like the pieces on Instagram or Pinterest?

Join me for beginner's hand lettering as we learn basic brush.  I will teach you everything you need to know to get started - from how to hold your pen, practice techniques, and a few fancy pen tricks.  Together, we will work through a basic brush uppercase alphabet and lowercase alphabet.  Plus, we will connect letters into words and get you started on your lettering journey.

After we master the letters and their shapes, I will show you a few tips and tricks to take your lettering from blah to bam!

Ready to take a class?  I am currently scheduled to teach at Art Creations, The Chattery, The Crafty Social, Scrappin' In the City, and Smart and Becker.  I also teach private and small group lessons by request!

Got a youth group who wants to learn to letter?  Have a bible study who is interested in bible journaling?  Ready to have a girls night out with chalk boards?  Drop me a line and we can get your event scheduled -

Lettering Class at Art Creations


October 13 - Beginning Hand Lettering at Smart and Becker - 10:30 am

October 13 - Bounce and Serif Lettering at Scrappin' In The City - 2 pm

October 13 - Hand Lettered Sermon Notes at Scrappin' In The City - 4:30

October 27 - Beginner Hand Lettering at Art Creations - 10:30am

November 8 - Beginner Hand Lettering at The Chattery - 10:30am

November 19 - Chalk Lettered Thanksgiving Menus at The Chattery - 6pm

December 3 - Awesome Envelopes at The Chattery - 6pm

December 4 - Awesome Envelopes at Art Creations - 5:15pm

December 11 - Awesome Envelopes at The Chattery at 10:30am


Shop the Market!

I will also have a few seasonal popup shops at local craft fairs in the Chattanooga and Knoxville area.  I will have lots of perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list!

November 3 - Christmas at Cambridge Square, Ooltewah, Tennessee

November 17 - St Jude Catholic Church Craft Fair, Chattanooga, Tennessee

November 18 - Retropolitan Craft Fair, Knoxville, Tennessee

December 6 - Ooltewah Nursery Farmers Market, Ooltewah, Tennessee

December 13 - Ooltewah Nursery Farmers Market, Ooltewah, Tennessee

December 20 - Ooltewah Nursery Farmers Market, Ooltewah, Tennessee

Other dates are to be announced!

Keep the Learning Going!